Our Work in Haiti

Lekol Lespwa

TEEMHaiti has partnered with Maison des Enfant de Dieu and For His Glory Outreach to launch Lekol Lespwa. This school provides a quality education for the children at Maison by trained teachers and curriculum to enhance the learning goals of every child. The children start the day with Bible study, then move to their appropriate class room. TEEM Haiti relies on donations from sponsors to provide scholarships for the children to attend school. 

Adult English School

We are very proud of our adult English School. The ability to speak English will allow our students the ability to learn to speak English which will help further their careers. For those working at Maison, it will allow them the opportunity to speak to teams who visit the orphanage. 

The Bread Kitchen

We are so grateful for the blue #pimpin joy shirts that were purchased through the Bobby Bones Show. This has allowed us to build a dream come true bread kitchen. This kitchen will feed the children at Maison des Enfants Orphanage, and provide jobs for local Haitians. We are excited about this new journey. 
Espwa= Hope in Haitian Creole. We just love these shirts! If you would like to purchase one of these shirts where all profits benefit TEEM Haiti, head on over to http://www.theshopforward.com/collections/espwa to purchase a shirt. You will love the shirts!!! 

Annual Women's Conference 

Our annual Women's Conference was very special this year. We had 50 women attend for 2 days at a beautiful conference center just outside Port-au-Prince. This year we focused on how special they are in the eyes of Jesus. We did fun crafts like making necklaces, scarves, and self-portraits. We learned about deep breathing and coping skills. We are so grateful for all the donations and support to make this year's conference a success. 

Beauty of Ashes

We are honored to partner with Beauty out of Ashes. Learn more about their amazing ministry and ways you can be involved. https://boahaiti.org/


Way to Go Nashville! 

Written by Numana:

Nashville…We love you.

We did it! You did it! 

We can’t begin to thank you all enough! To everyone who volunteered, donated, bought a T-Shirt or supported 30 Abes in any way…we greatly appreciate you! Because of you, 500,000 meals are on their way to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti as we speak. And over one-thousand pounds of non perishable food items are going to Nashville families. Amazing. 

From everyone at Numana, The Bobby Bones Show and TEEMHaiti….we love you. And thank you.

Below are two photo galleries of the event at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium on September 28:



El Dorado, KS, September 28, 2013 – Numana announced today that the international hunger relief organization, along with The Bobby Bones Show and TEEMHaiti have broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for number of hunger relief meals packaged in one hour with the 30 Abes campaign.

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, two thousand volunteers gathered at the historic Nashville Municipal Auditorium in downtown Nashville, Tennessee with the goal of packaging 500,000 meals to send to the Maison Des Enfants De Dieu orphanage in Port-au-prince, Haiti.  They surpassed their goal by packaging over 530,000 meals in 39 minutes, setting the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for most hunger relief meals packaged in one hour. In addition to providing meals for Haiti, they also raised over 2,000 pounds of non-perishable food items for the 2nd Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee.

30 Abes was a promotional campaign created by The Bobby Bones Show to raise funds and bring awareness to international hunger. 30 Abes represents 30 cents, which is the cost of one life-sustaining meal.  For 30 cents, Numana can provide a meal of rice, soy, dried pinto beans and a vitamin packet. Also included is the packaging and international shipping of the food.

Along with The Bobby Bones Show, the 30 Abes campaign was sponsored in large part by Sony Music Nashville. Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Kelly Clarkson were just a few of the artists who sponsored the event.

December 2012 Women's Conference

This was our 3rd annual Women's Conference Ministe Bel Fanm, held just out side of Port-au-Prince. There were 50 ladies who attended the conference. The ladies learned skills for making rugs, headbands and purses. They also learned self-defense, and sessions on building their self-worth and value. 

Helping Dreams Come True

Recently, a wedding dress owner donated some wedding dresses for Haitian women. Life in Haiti is tough. Many women long to get married, and are unable to make enough money to have a wedding. It is such an honor to provide at least a dress to help a lady get one step closer to their dreams.

Every Child Deserves a
Chance to go to School

TEEMHaiti is honored to provide several children a chance to go to school. In Haiti, school is not free. On average it costs $300 annually to attend school. Only half of children are able to attend primary school due to cost, location, or other difficulties. For secondary school, this number drops to 1 in 5. The adult literacy rate is just over 50 percent.When parents strive hard to provide basic necessities like food, shelter, and water, sending children to school seems impossible.

Maison des Enfants de Dieu

TEEMHaiti works with the orphanage, Maison des Enfants de Dieu, which is home to over 70 children, most of whom have been abandoned since the earthquake in January, 2010, either by loss of parents, or by birth parents that cannot care for them. Maison also ministers to the people in Haiti by employing local Haitian men and women to care for the children in the orphanage, and to teach in the school. Maison seeks to meet the needs of orphans in Haiti, and we are committed to walking with them as they share the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ with the children brought to the orphanage as well as the families and friends of the children. Maison seeks to provide for spiritual and physical needs by offering a safe place for children to learn and grow as well as adoption opportunities. The children at Maison ages 2 and up attend school taught mostly in English to help prepare the children for their adoptive families. Maison also offers educational opportunities and discipleship to the birth families as they are continually striving to live out the Great Commission. To learn more about Maison, visit FHG's website.